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"Sorry No Pets!"

Christmas Tree Farm Tours

"The tours on are hold until Further Notice"

 We seem to get more and more requests for farm visits during November and December to learn about Christmas tree production. During this season we will offer just that.

Farms tours will be offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays during the morning hours. Reservations will be required.

If you wish to bring a group to harvest a tree and not participate in the educational tour, then you are welcome. Reservations are required for this as well.

Your visit will begin with a brief overview of the farm and Christmas tree production. Visitors will be shown some of the different tree types grown in our state and learn the difference between a seedling and a cutting. The farm tour itself will include a hayride through the farm where different aspects of production, cultural practices, and tree species will be pointed out. During your visit you will also get to see some of the equipment used in production.

We can not let you leave without experiencing one of the true joys of the season---FOOD! Each visitor will receive two special Christmas cookies and a cup of our own tasty Needlejuice to wash it down. Adults will have a choice of Needlejuice or hot apple cinnamon to drink.

As children leave we will give each a coloring book with a story related to the Christmas tree experience. Each will receive a pack of crayons of their own to use when working in their coloring book.

And we will throw in a candy cane as well!!!!!!!

If you choose to harvest a tree during your visit for your classroom or your school, we will provide a saw, assistance (if needed) and give 10% off the purchase price. After you have harvested your tree and your kids have carried it to our staging area, they will get to watch (and maybe help) us prepare it for the trip home by shaking and baling the tree.

Feel free to stay for a picnic in our picnic field. Handwash facilities and trash cans are available. There are a limited number of tables. Port-o-lets are on site.

Our Barnyard Buddies will be looking forward to seeing you as well. For both our animals and your children’s (and some adults) safety, we do REQUIRE that responsible adult supervision be present at all times.

We offer all of this for only $5.50 per person.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at the number listed at the bottom of the page.

Click here for registration information or to register.

We look forward to helping your students learn about real Christmas trees!!! 


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