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"Nature's Holiday Gift"


Renew an old tradition or start a new one by harvesting that most visible Christmas centerpiece at May-Lan Tree Plantation. Make it a family outing where you spend as much time as you desire creating treasured Holiday memories,

Enjoy nature’s Holiday gift by choosing from several varieties of trees grown for your home or select a pre-cut premium Frasier fir.  We’ll provide the saw, help get that special tree from the field to our staging area, shake it, bale it, deliver it to your vehicle, and tie it on. We’ll even provide care instructions. By the way, ALL pre-cut trees are maintained in water to insure freshness.



While we take care of your tree, you will want to select a beautiful fresh wreath for your door, window, or both. There’s also garland and beautiful handmade bows to accent with!

Christmas is a time to enjoy tasty treats, so put a taste of the South in your mouth!  Treat your relatives, friends, neighbors, or someone you just want to acknowledge, to delicious jellies, jams, preserves, ciders, syrups, and much more. You HAVE TO treat yourself to our “Almost Famous Carmel Apple Delight”-which is a whole apple sliced into a bowl covered with hot caramel, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and peanuts. Fork and plenty of napkins provided!

On weekends, visit our “Taste Table”, where you will be able to sample a number of the tasty items available in the General Store. There will also be Hot Chocolate, cider, and who knows, we might even open a fresh can of possum. There will usually be the opportunity to burn some marshmallows at the ol’ fire pit (weather permitting).

Of course, be sure to bring the camera to record the fun you will have. That and a smile-we’ll provide the rest.  However, please do not bring your pet.  They may scare our farm animals and/or other customers.  Thank-you for your consideration. 

Be SURE to check our Calendar for Special Events, such as Santa Saturday.

We look forward to seeing (you and your family) this season—Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!


When you make your trip to May-Lan this year be sure to take advantage of our mailbox that speeds mail directly to either The GREAT Pumpkin or Santa Claus- depending upon the season. And since it is direct (and we have all these connections with these guys) NO postage is needed. How cool is that!!!!!!

Feel free to send your message as an individual, family, or group. This would be a great opportunity to have a lesson which includes writing skills, English, and how to properly write a letter. Math could be used in figuring postage, etc. Lots of possibilities.

Remember- NO POSTAGE needed!!!!! Just write it, drop it in the May-Lan Mail Box and off it will go. (You will find our mailbox in front of The General Store.)

We look forward to your visit!!!!!!!!  


May-Lan Tree Plantation
156 Cooley Bridge Road
Pelzer, SC  29669
(864) 243-3092

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