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Fall is that time of year when nature goes out of the way to showcase its glory and we start to slow down from the hectic pace of summer.

Enjoy the beauty of fall at a pace that you control by making reservations to visit  May-Lan Tree Plantation during October. May-Lan has fun and educational activities designed for groups of children second grade and below. If you can’t make it on a weekday, May-Lan is open on Saturdays and Sundays to the general public with no minimums and no reservations required. Activities on Saturdays are the same as on weekdays but there is a special event usually taking place as well.


Your visit starts with a hayride through the farm. Along the way you will not only see our trees in various stages of growth but you will see the Broomhead and Pumpkinhead staff going about their normal farm duties—we hope. Sometimes they can get into a little mischief. Feel free to holler at them if they are not working or just to say “Hi”. Also watch for the “Tree People” emerging from certain trees.

At the conclusion of your ride your tractor driver will help you off the hay wagon, give instructions and they are gone!  You then follow your kids through the maze, hoping not to get too lost, until you reach the “Bat Cave”. Be sure to take advantage of the educational information posted at the entrance to this 100 foot long cave!


Continue on the path until you reach “Bugsy the Caterpillar”, where our attendant will provide information as to what to do and how to go about it. If adults are asked to help, please jump right in. Your job will be simply to help insure the safety of your kids and to help keep things moving.


At “Alligator Alley”, the kids can use one or more of the provided bridges to cross the swamp WITHOUT getting off into the quicksand or waking the sleeping gators. You may use any number of bridges to make as many crossings as you wish!



The Barnyard Buddies are a treat for all! Information will be posted for all the animals, as well as games. Here folks will learn that eggs, to not originate at Bi-Lo.

Make sure ALL in your party (including adults) are made familiar with our “Conduct  Policy”, which is on this web site and posted at the entrance to our livestock area. This is strictly enforced! Also remind everyone that these animals are not pets and will peck or bite!



Our “Pumpkin Patch” is ruled by the “Pumpkin Lady”, who takes very good care of her group of several hundred pie (or sugar) pumpkins. Listen carefully as she teaches you about pumpkins and tells you how to care for them! Everyone who has gone on the hayride gets to choose their own pumpkin to carry home.



Throughout the farm are games and picture opportunities, so don’t forget the camera Teachers- here are a bunch of bulletin board ideas for you.

Since interests vary, we have made three farm tour packages available.  Package 1 is our complete "Have a Ball in the Fall", which includes ALL of the activities.  It is just $9.00 per person.  If you just can't handle that much fun, we also have Package 2 which includes the hayride, a visit with the Barnyard Buddies and choosing a pie pumpkin.  That option is only $7.00 per person.  If an old-fashioned hayride is what you are looking for, Package 3 is available for only $4.00 per person.  Reservations are REQUIRED for all of these activities (except on Saturday).

Remember visits are scheduled for weekdays in October only.  Registrations are required!  Call May-Lan (243-3092) early for the best dates and times.

After picking your pumpkins feel free to use our picnic area to enjoy your lunch. As there are limited tables, we urge you to get the kids to bring a towel to eat on while adults use the tables. Please instill in your kids the importance of using a trash can.

The picnic area is fenced so you can let the kids run crazy and still be able to watch them from anywhere within that area. Feel free to let them play on MULCH MOUNTAIN. The MOUNTAIN is made up of 2 slides, a bridge, 4 tunnels and over 450 cubic yards of mulch. (We do require adult supervision at the Mountain!) We do not charge extra for mulch carried home in socks, pockets, or ears.

Port-O-Lets are on site, as well as a hand wash facility. There are plenty of trash cans on the property.

Cold drinks, snacks, and other goodies are available at The Tree Stand, so be sure to check it out! Jams, jellies, ciders, and ideas by local artist are available for you or a friend. You will also find mums, all sizes of pumpkins, corn stalks, gourds and winter squash. Be sure to keep a heads up for flying pigs ‘cause they get loopy this time of year.

Tickets are required for participation on anything that is part of the hayride. Weekday visits are by reservation only and are scheduled for 9:00 thru 12:00. Our retail items are open to those people included in our groups for that day. The public is welcome to visit from 1:00 to 4:30 on Monday thru Friday for retail items only.

The public is invited to visit Saturday’s for hayrides from 10:00 till 4:30. Sunday hayrides are from 1:00 till 4:30. Gates close at 5:15. Reservations are NOT required for Saturday or Sunday visits. Wagons run roughly every 15 minutes  and are loaded first come, first served. The last wagon of the day runs no later than 4:30. Full ticket price is required to go through any part of the hayride. Be SURE to check our events calendar to learn of the many fun activities we offer on Saturdays.

Our friendly staff looks forward to meeting you, so go ahead and make your reservations now to tie-down the best spots. And please call with any questions you might have!

Other areas to visit.

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