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"Sorry No Pets!"

Santa Saturday

Santa Saturday has become a fun tradition for families visiting May-Lan in December. On this special Saturday everyone is even more excited than usual, knowing that Santa will be here to listen to children ( and not-so grown-ups) give their wish list for his Christmas visit. Santa’s Express Mailbox ( no postage required) is also available from Thanksgiving Day until Christmas Eve should you miss Santa or just want to put your dreams in writing. Santa will have his pockets full of candy for everyone, so list or no list, be sure to say “Hi”.

Whether you purchase a tree or not, we invite you to bring the camera, the kids and a kid’s attitude and visit us on Santa Saturday!

Be sure to check the Calendar page for Santa’s visiting hours as he has many stops to make!




When you make your trip to May-Lan this year be sure to take advantage of our mailbox that speeds mail directly to either The GREAT Pumpkin or Santa Claus- depending upon the season. And since it is direct (and we have all these connections with these guys) NO postage is needed. How cool is that!!!!!!

Feel free to send your message as an individual, family, or group. This would be a great opportunity to have a lesson which includes writing skills, English, and how to properly write a letter. Math could be used in figuring postage, etc. Lots of possibilities.

Remember- NO POSTAGE needed!!!!! Just write it, drop it in the May-Lan Mail Box and off it will go. (You will find our mailbox in front of The General Store.)

We look forward to your visit!!!!!!!!  


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