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"Sorry No Pets!"


Fill in the information requested below in its entirety, print and FAX the completed form to May-Lan Tree Plantation at 864-243-3065.  This form will not email.

School or Organization Name:____________________________________

Address of Above: -- Street________________________________

                                     City____________________ ZIP____________

Contact Persons Name: __________________________________

Contact Persons Phone -- Work_____________________
                                              Home or Cell ______________
Must Have!)
                                              Email: _____________________

Grade or Age Level of Group: _______________

TOTAL Number of Classes: _________________

TOTAL Number in Party: ___________________ (this includes teachers, students, adults, EVERYONE in your party)

Desired Date of Visit:  1st choice: ____________  2nd _______________   3rd: _________________

Place a X in the appropriate space below:

___Package 1 - $9.00 per person (includes all activities)

___Package 2 - $7.00 per person (includes hayride, pie pumpkin and Barnyard Buddies - visit

___Package 3 - $4.00 per person (includes hayride only)

Please NOTE:  Everyone in your group must use the same Activity!!

The following complies with liability requirements listed. Additional cautions are listed under “Making the Most of Your Visit”, which we urge you to review. Signature is REQUIRED in the space provided.

Signature_________________________ Print Signature_________________________      Date______________

Act No. 236, June 23, 2010    

Amends Title 46 of the 1976 code, relating to Agriculture, by adding Chapter 53, so as to provide that an agritourism professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant resulting from an inherent risk of an agritourism activity or loss or damages to the participant resulting there from, under certain conditions, to provide for the extent of the liability provided and the defenses which may be pled, to provide that an agritourism professional must post  a warning notice where the agritourism activities are conducted, to provide that warning notices must be included in contracts the agritourism professionals enters into with participants, and to provide that the agritourism professional’s liability is not limited if the proper warning notices are not provided to participants or warning signs posted.


Your visit date and time are not final until we have spoken live on the phone and you have received our confirmation form via fax.

If you have ANY questions, call us at 864-243-3092!!

We look forward to your visit!!!!!!!!

Making the Most of Your Visit  (Please read and provide copies for adults)




Fun on the Farm



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