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"Sorry No Pets!"

Making the Most of Your Visit

We, at May-Lan Tree Plantation, eagerly look forward to your visit. We know your children will have a great time!

Following is information that will help your visit go more smoothly and hopefully answer questions you might have. Be sure ALL adults are familiar with these instructions. We suggest giving each adult in your party a copy of this information.

Be sure to have adequate responsible adult chaperones accompanying your children.

Upon arrival, follow the signs to the designated parking area.  Proceed with caution upon entering or leaving the parking area, as children may be present. After getting your children from their rides please move to the assembly area as soon as possible so as to distance them from the dangers of cars, buses, etc. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time. Late arrivals will be worked in as best possible.

Have one, AND ONLY ONE, individual from your group proceed to the sign-in station to get your group listed. This individual should be able to provide the cashier with the name of your group, TOTAL number of participants, and be prepared to pay in full. Receipts will be issued as desired. Make checks payable to May-Lan Tree Plantation.

The check-in person will be provided stickers for all those in your group. The representative from your group will confirm the correct number was provided and sign for them. Any sticker given after this must be paid for separately. Stickers MUST be worn by all those taking the hayride and at all times on the ride. This is your ticket and ONLY proof of payment for that person. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE will visit without wearing this sticker.

Be sure everyone understands this is an all-inclusive farm.  Everything is a part of the hayride, so a ticket is required to enter the farm and take part in any, or all, activities. For safety, individuals are not allowed to wonder the farm, this includes bus drivers. Adults desiring to meet your group at some point, must have a sticker and be accompanied to the group by a May-Lan staff member. This is for everyone’s safety!

Passes for teachers will be determined at time of registration (prior to arrival) and is at the discretion of May-Lan Farms.

Load and unload wagons only when directed. For safety, at all times during the hayride, everyone will remain seated or on their knees.  We ask that you place a minimum of one chaperone in the front of the wagon and one in the rear. Listen carefully to instructions given by your wagon driver.  Adults should monitor children at all times!

Upon completion of the hayride, you will visit our maze, bat cave, and alligator alley. Instructions and educational information are posted at each attraction. We hope that you will take advantage of our learning centers and fun games along the way. We suggest that during any time you are walking your group, chaperones not only be in the front leading but also in the rear to curtail stragglers and insure the children’s safety.

“Bugsy the Caterpillar” is a 40-foot inflatable caterpillar that your kids will love. Due to being constructed of fabric, the attendant may require visitors to remove shoes before entering. Bugsy may not be running in the event of bad weather or winds.

Your next stop will be with our “Barnyard Buddies”. You will see rabbits, chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs, and peafowl. During your hayride, you can see our goats and our crazy donkey, Holly. We have zero tolerance of ANY verbal or physical abuse or teasing of our animals. ANY abuse of ANY nature will result in that person’s visit being terminated immediately, without visiting the pumpkin patch or any refund.

Finally, visitors will be given their choice of one sugar pumpkin from our pumpkin patch. Instructions will be given as to how to choose and handle your pumpkin. Be sure of your selection because once you leave this area you may not re-enter.

Sorry, we can not provide pumpkins for those not in attendance.

Be sure to bring the camera as there are countless picture opportunities for bulletin board material!

A large field is available for you to picnic. Bring blankets, etc. so you may picnic on the ground the old-fashioned way! We do have a limited number of picnic tables.

 Port-O-Lets will be available.

Hand washing facilities are available. Do not use this water for drinking. Bottled water may be purchased in the General Store.

To insure other’s enjoyment and to protect the environment, there are ample trash containers.

Wear sensible clothes and shoes.  THIS IS A WORKING FARM! Watch the weather!!

Although we have made every effort to make this a safe environment, it is still a farm. If you have any children who may be allergic to bees, fire ants, etc., be sure to bring appropriate medications.

Teachers are responsible for the conduct and actions of ALL those in their party.

Large pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows, Indian corn, corn stalks, and other stuff will be available. Candy and soft drinks will also be available.

“Put A Taste of the South in Your Mouth” with our selection of South Carolina produced jellies, jams, pure sugarcane syrup, cheese, tea and more.

 We hope we have answered questions you might have about our farm. If you desire additional information please do not hesitate to call us at 243-3092.  You may fax us at 243-3065.



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